VR and COVID-19: A short guide to cleaning and sanitizing your VR headsets ​

Sanitization processes are one of the trend topics in the post-COVID-19 world, and one of the most urgent issue for every organization who is willing to use VR as an educational tool. Students are supposed to share the same equipment during a VR-based lesson: their safety must be obviously guaranteed, but how?

Teaching mathematics for students with learning difficulties

Teaching and learning mathematics is a real challenge for teachers, but also for students. Whether we encounter students with learning difficulties, or, on the contrary, students with higher capacities, the current trend in education is to adapt the knowledge, means and methods of teaching to the individual peculiarities of the students, further defending the concept of differentiated learning.


VR as a training tool
- example of use

How to adapt the classroom so all students feel good and perform at their best?

Different worlds
in VR

How to convince a teacher
to use non-formal approach

Non-formal approach
to teaching mathematics ​

and learning disorders

Let’s indulge in the concept of non-formal mathematics​

10 fun
mathematical facts!​

in education

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